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What to Know about Solar Panels and Metal Roofing

Installing solar panels on a roof is becoming increasingly common, especially in predominantly sunny parts of the country. But even as this trend grows, one of the most overlooked elements of this kind of home or office upgrade is the kind of roofing material beneath those solar panels. Here's why to know about solar panels and metal roofing.

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Upgrading synthetic spanish tiles to metal roofing

We have a new project on the West Coast, and we can't wait to get started! We're keeping details under wraps for now, but we can tell you a bit about the existing roof and the decision to upgrade to a metal roof system.
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Does a Roof Warranty Really Protect You?

The security of a roof warranty is something people expect when it's time to spend money on a new roof. In fact, for many companies, it's a major selling point, which is why potential customers routinely inquire about warranties with our metal roofs. But what does that roof warranty actually get you?

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Metal Diamond Roofing - Prices & Styles

One of our signature profiles is the diamond, and we make it in a few different materials and types. In fact, our diamond roofing is available in steel, aluminum, copper and zinc with a variety of modifications to suit the architectural and technical requirements of our customer's application.

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How to Choose the Right Gauge for Your New Metal Roof

As a metal roofing company, we field inquiries pretty regularly about the “best" metal roof or the “best gauge” for a metal roof. While it would be wonderful to have a pat answer for these questions, it's not that simple. That's because different gauges work best for different metals, applications, and profiles. Here's what to know about the right gauge for the job.

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Is a Copper Roof a Good Choice in Snow Country?

Yes! This is one of those situations where you can get great looks without sacrificing performance. Most copper roofs are as strong as steel or aluminum roofs, and so they can work great in snow country. The factors that affect the suitability of a copper roof in a region that gets heavy snow are true of other metals as well:  gauge; profile; roof configuration; execution of installation.

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Get the Metal Roof - Here's Why

There are few certainties in life, but death, taxes, and the need for a roof at least once in a lifetime are among them. And if it's at all possible, a metal roof is always the savvier choice - and that's in spite of the higher upfront cost. Over the years, that initial investment will pay for itself again and again, which is why it's worth considering a metal roof before spending thousands to have another layer of composition shingles added to your roof. This, by the way, is the very material that will need patching and/or replacing at some point far too soon - guaranteed.

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I'm shopping for a new metal roof. Where do I start?

A new roof for a typical home in North America is a major undertaking, regardless of whether you are planning the cheapest option possible or ponying up for the best. If you're upgrading to metal, one of the most important considerations is determining whether or not you are planning to handle the work yourself or hire an installer.
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Copper Roof prices - as volatile as the commodity itself?

When people are researching prices and options for their copper roof projects, we tend to hear the same question: do fluctuating commodity prices affect the material cost? The short answer is, “No, fluctuations in the price of copper don’t have a very big impact on the price of your finished copper roof.” Here's why.
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Does a metal roof need a special installer?

As a supplier and manufacturer of metal roofing, Metal Roof Network doesn't handle any installations of our material. But that doesn't mean we don't work directly with contractors and installers. It's given us an understanding of the kind of person or company you want installing your new metal roof. The truth is, there is a wide range of skill sets when it comes to roof mechanics. Here's what to know about metal roofs and installers.

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