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Our Speciality is Copper Roofing Materials

As a metal roofing distributor, we have worked with a number of amazing materials. But our favorite roofing material is copper, and we're proud to say that copper roofs are really our specialty. It's a beautiful material, but that's not the only reason we hold it in such high esteem.

copperdiamonds22the beauty of copper roofing

This incredibly versatile material is synonymous with longevity and durability, and a quick look at any history book will likely have examples. Century-old churches and cathedrals across Europe have truly magnificent copper roofs that have developed the material's distinctive signature - that stunning patina. Given time, every copper roof will develop its own patina, a symbol of the strength, durability, elegance, and resilience of this amazing material.

Here at Metal Roof Network, we're able to offer copper roofing in a range of profiles to showcase its beauty and match the architecture of any structure.

About the Patina Process

The patina process can take years, depending on the climate, but we do have ways to accelerate things. Whether you're seeking the distinctive green or the burnished copper penny look, we've worked on multiple roofs to achieve the perfect effect.

Our installer network includes contractors who specialize in the installation of copper roofs, and we'd be happy to make a recommendation. Call or contact us here and let's talk about copper roofing.