What Our Customers Say

I had a great experience working with Chris on my roof. I did a diamond pattern, it was complicated but at all times he was there and accessible. He did everything he said he was going to do and delivered on time and on budget. I would recommend Chris to anyone that was interested in a metal roof.
Steve W.


I wanted to send you a picture of the finished house with the copper cladding. Thanks for your help and expertise in making it a reality. I look forward to working with you on the next project.
Troy K.


I got interested in copper roofing. I did a search on the Internet. Found Metal Roof Net. Checked YouTube and found Chris Testa's YouTube clips on metal roofs. Got in touch with Chris who then referred me to an installer. Had some questions and hesitation about some aspects of the project. Chris personally dropped by and answered my questions and helped me make a decision on which direction I would go. Finalized the deal with the installer. Then as the project progressed over three days and finally to its conclusion, you can see what impact it had on me and on passersby from my comments below. And the installation company Chris referred me to, Sure Roofing, did an excellent job. The job is complete and it really looks beautiful. It's also aroused a lot of interest. Cars stopping and the driver exclaiming, "That's beautiful." People examining the copper shingles. One guy climbing up the ladder to get a closer look. Another exclaiming his house was similar and how much did it cost. Finally, I'm glad that I decided to let the copper age naturally rather then applying an initial patina. It's amazing how fast it acquires its own natural beautiful patina.
Don B. 


I found Metal Roof Network online, and the website was good enough to make me believe that you were a good source of information. I found Chris Testa knowledgeable and helpful. He gave me a sense that he had good product experience and had a project of a similar nature to the one that I was trying accomplish. My project was very unique: a flat lock core tin material in a parallelogram shape. Never seen that before. The intention was to produce a roof that was rustic with a very randomly shaped feel. The material and roof are excellent. They met my expectations. I would absolutely recommend MRN. Chris was good to work with from a design standpoint and followed through getting samples as requested.
David Rose
Rosewood Construction 


My wife and I are very happy with the new roof and the service we received. Chris was very easy to work with and his response time was excellent. A little disappointed in the beginning but understand the issue with delivery. The installer was better than most contractors I have worked with both in the work itself and attitude. They were fast and very efficient. Both during and after, we have had many compliments. Our neighbors have come by to see the job and several passersby have stopped to ask about the product and who to contact. We have happily given recommendations to all about your company, roofing product and installer.
Kenneth & Kimberly D.V.


We were perplexed on how to replace the roof on a century old stone house on our vineyard property in Lake County, CA. The existing composition roof was many years past its prime and rainy winter was ahead of us. We didn't feel a composition roof was fitting for a historic home, so we began the search for a unique roofing solution. Aesthetics were extremely important. More important was the fact that the existing hip roof structure was far from straight and plumb, and it also had 30" on center joists. Nor did we want to rebuild the roof. After doing extensive online research, we deteremined that a metal roof would give us the aesthetics we desired at a weight that the existing roof structure could handle. We found Chris Testa and the Metal Roof Network through that research. Chris was both professional and extremely helpful during the process of choosing the correct panel for our needs. He even made multiple drives out to our very remote location! The roof is not only striking and wonderfully watertight, but the panels hide all of the inconsistencies in the roof structure as well. We are extremely satisfied with the finished product and would highly recommend Chris and MRN to anyone looking for a stand-out roof.
Clinton Jones
Stonehouse Cellars Winery and Vineyard



I would like to thank you all for your time you have invested to make our 1930 historical “ Cookie House” project a success. We were so lucky to find your company on the Internet. The custom metal diamond shaped shingles you supplied to us look just like the original 1930 asbestos shingles that were originally installed on the building. Chris, you have been an asset to Charlotte County Government and we hope to use you again in the future. We would highly recommend your company to anyone that considers using you.
Roger Hooghkirk

Charlotte County Facilities Manager



With a curving roof structure and 240 pound per square foot snow loads, we knew that the roofing for our Lunar Vista Guest House was not a candidate for any run of the mill variety. The climate in the Truckee, North Tahoe region is as brutal as it gets and the 600+ inches recorded in the winter of 2010 was certainly eye opening. We were careful in researching a roof system with all the right components and features only to be told “no thanks, we just can’t take that kind of risk” by supplier after supplier. With the owner and contractor wondering how their architect could have gotten them into this roofing pickle, I turned to the internet for help. That is where I found Chris with the Metal Roof Network. Not only were they based within an hour’s drive of the project, they were quick to reassure me that complex roofing is their specialty and their team of experts would rise to our challenge and design a system to meet our aesthetic and performance expectations. In short order, we had a workable solution, a beautiful roof, and a warranty. I’d recommend the Metal Roof Network to anyone.
Brendan Riley AIA, Architect
Ryan Group Architects



This company certainly deserves a five star rating. After contacting two other metal roofers, I became a bit frustrated at their tremendously high prices and seeming reluctance to help me with my project. The owner of Metal Roof Network, Chris Testa, called me back immediately. My project was a small one, but his enthusiasm and attention to detail made me feel like a very special client indeed! Chris has a good eye for design and he works with a number of talented fabricators and installers, so all I really had to do was describe my project and explain what I wanted the roof to look like. He was able to give several helpful suggestions and recommneded a great installer. The roof and gutters came out beautifully and we receive so many compliments. Thanks!
Angel & Mark B. 

I worked with Chris Testa on a small custom sign for Google research. I called Metal Roof Network after I had some difficulties with another supplier who was unable to provide a consistent shipping quote. Chris stepped in and fixed everything: he managed to please me, the initial supplier, the shipping company, and ultimately Google, who couldn't be happier with the way the sign turned out. Chris's mantra was good relationships make good business, and he's right of course. It goes without saying that his knowledge was equally impressive as his customer skill. Chris took care of this small project that had no direct gain for him, making Metal Roof Network my long term go-to company for all projects large and small.
Amie N.


Chris is a true artisan! His love of beauty is infectious, and his pride in his creations speaks volumes about his work and himself. As an interior designer myself, I was overjoyed with his work, his vision, and his commitment to his craft. He is a delightful man, and I looked forward to his daily visits as he carefully hand dipped each copper tile to create his masterpiece - my gorgeous copper roof with a perfect variegated patina. Chris and I laughed and bonded over our far fetched stories of the lengths we would go to in order to create what we wanted. (Ask him about his front door!) I never questioned him - I knew what I had been lucky enough to run across - a intelligent, artistic, consummate professional. If you want someone to consider your roof a vital component in the beauty of your home - as I do - call Chris.
Diedre S.


We knew we wanted to go metal on our historical winery so we started searching for websites with photos of metal roofing material that we liked. Jack found Chris and spoke with him about our project and what we were trying to do and keeping the historical aspect while being efficient and beautiful and not having to replace the roof again as it is a very tall steep roof. Chris was wonderful and very excited about our project and came to the winery to see it and talk to us about what our options were.

We had actually settled on using a standing seam roof. It was not what we wanted but it was the least problematic for our roof situation, It is steep, there is a belly on the east side due to the age of the building, and we have wind so we needed something that was going to hold up over the years that we could actually fit into our budget. What we really wanted was copper and Jack had seen the shingles but knew it would never fit into our budget. Chris came to the house and looked at our winery and said you know what would look great on this roof, copper shingles, and I have another customer that is removing a copper shingle roof and I think we can make it work for you. He showed us pictures and got a sample and he made it work for us. I could not believe Jack was getting exactly what he wanted and we could fit it into our budget. It was a miracle. Chris had everything we needed, he answered all of our questions and helped us get the roofer lined up. It was great.
After having a corrugated roof on the winery for the last 80 years it was in really bad shape. Several panels were lifted and the rain and wind were gaining access to the underlying roof materials. It was very rusty and noisy and not very pretty to look at. The copper shingles are beautiful. They are not all the same color but a variety of shades of aged copper now. It has finished the look of the winery with the other materials that were used. The stone and wood are complimented by the beauty of the copper.

I would highly recommend Chris.
He was professional but even more he was helpful and worked to make it work for us and get us exactly what we wanted. He is now part of our winery family and we look forward to working with him again when we do our home. We also look forward to his coming to all our winery events. He was here to help us bottle our 2007 wine and I look forward to opening some of those bottles over the next twenty years and looking at our beautiful roof and having all of our construction finished and the time to enjoy all our friends and family in our beautiful historic winery.
Jack & Dianne V.


When we needed to replace our wood shakes, we wanted to find something that would look similar but last longer and perform better. After talking to Chris, we knew a metal roof would be perfect. And so far, it's been great. We don't worry about our big wind storms blowing bits of the roof all over the yard and actually, our home even feels tighter and more secure now. It's also very quiet during rainstorms. The new roof is the perfect compliment to our home. We would definitely recommend Chris and Metal Roof Net to anyone ready to re-roof for the last time. 
Caroline & Patrick F.


The whole job start to finish was an incredible experience for us. Not sure what to expect because we have never replaced a roof before, we braced for days of mess, a half torn-apart house, etc.... SURPRISE! The whole job was completed quickly, professionally and cleanly; the crew you recommended went out of their way to ensure the job was perfect (and I'm very comfortable with the word perfect). Vince, the foreman, even fabricated a mini gutter for over the front door where we never had a gutter before we were told it couldn't be done (thanks, Vince)! I was curious how everything was so clean after the first day, then I got home yesterday and the crew was in full swing. Half the crew started cleaning up and what a great job. Vince even ran a magnet around the house to make sure all the nails were picked up! WOW! Even the delivery driver called to make sure he dropped off the supplies in a spot that was convenient for me. Again, WOW! We are so pleased, we are telling everyone we know to give you a call when they are in the market for a roof. To say we are thrilled is an understatement; our house looks great, the price was reasonable, the workmanship and pride in work obvious. We are telling everyone we know that if you think you can't afford a top rate metal roof, you are mistaken and you should check it out. Again, thank you Chris for a company that truly stands behind what it does.
Barbara F.


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