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The Experience of Web-Based Business During Social Distancing

I was on a conference call today with a major roof contractor that we work with regularly. During our discussion, they asked about protocols for servicing customers in the age of social distancing. It's a relevant question considering the current pandemic, but it also made me realize that much of what we've done here at Metal Roof Network over the past decade is still new to some companies. Here's why the web-based business model of MRN is likely a safer bet than businesses trying to pivot to the web during our current crisis.

MRN H-25 Kynar Steel Mat Black 1the experience of web-based business

Since we’ve been a web-based business for more than a decade now, it’s more often than not that we never actually visit one of our customer’s job sites. Not only do a lot of our customers provide only blueprints or dimensions for the roof materials packages we supply, we have for years offered remote measurements of their buildings via aerial mapping software.  
It’s quite probable that if you live in or near one of the major cities, there are sufficient aerial maps available to scale almost every building or residence so that a useful take-off of your particular roof is possible. We’ve been doing it for a long time and while it’s not possible for every address, it’s nothing short of amazing to discover how many are. And during this time of social distancing, it's particularly useful!
If you’re planning to purchase a metal roof this year and want to deal with a company that is completely comfortable and experienced supplying material packages to remote job sites, for both new-construction and re-roofing, then you might find that contacting us is extremely useful. Whether you’re a roof contractor trying to minimize visits to a job site, or a DIY building owner wanting to install your own metal roof but needing some direction and help with the material specification, you’ll find us already well ahead of the social distancing trend! Contact us today, and we'll be happy to help.

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