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Solar Panels and Copper Roofing

We had an inquiry recently from someone who wanted to know if our copper roof products could handle solar panel mounts. It's a fairly common question, and the short answer is yes. Here's what to understand about solar panels and copper roofing.
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A Closer Look at the Drawbacks of Copper Roofing

One of our readers recently offered some potential downsides to copper roofing that they had discovered on the internet. We wrote last week about the pros and cons of copper roofing, but let's take a closer look at the drawbacks of copper roofing.

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How Long Does a Copper Roof last?

One of the many selling points of copper as a roofing material is in its longevity. Copper is one of the longest lasting roof systems you can find - anywhere. A properly selected and installed copper roof can literally last centuries, and there are plenty of examples around the world of original copper roofs that were installed in the 19th century and are still protecting the buildings they top! But people want to know if that's true of the copper roofs we install today. How long does a copper roof really last?
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Copper Roofing and the Patina Process

Metal Roof Network is a copper roofing specialist, and we've been fortunate to supply material for all kinds of interesting and exciting residential and commercial projects. One of the inherent qualities of real copper is the dramatic change in color it experiences over time - the patina process. While there are treatments that can be applied to keep the copper shiny and looking like new, but without them, it's that distinguished and unique patina that makes each copper roof truly custom. Here's what you should understand about copper roofing and the patina process.

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What Do you Think About Faux Copper Roofing?

We got an email recently from the board member of a condo homeowner's association inquiring about faux copper roofing, and specifically whether it can resist dents from hail and offer level four strength and durability. Here's what we shared.

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Is a Copper Roof a Good Choice in Snow Country?

Yes! This is one of those situations where you can get great looks without sacrificing performance. Most copper roofs are as strong as steel or aluminum roofs, and so they can work great in snow country. The factors that affect the suitability of a copper roof in a region that gets heavy snow are true of other metals as well:  gauge; profile; roof configuration; execution of installation.

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Copper Roof prices - as volatile as the commodity itself?

When people are researching prices and options for their copper roof projects, we tend to hear the same question: do fluctuating commodity prices affect the material cost? The short answer is, “No, fluctuations in the price of copper don’t have a very big impact on the price of your finished copper roof.” Here's why.
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How Much is a Copper Roof?

Copper roofing is our specialty here at Metal Roof Network, and one of the very first questions we hear when this material comes up is likely what you'd image. Everyone wants to know, “What does a copper roof cost?” Here's what you need to know about the price of copper roofing.

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How the Supplier for that Copper Roof Affects its Price and Quality

Here's another post in a recent series about copper roofing. If you've been following along, you're well aware by now that copper roofing is not an inexpensive investment. Consider the following before you make your purchasing decision to avoid throwing money away on that beautiful new roof.

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Copper Roofing Materials - Our Specialty!


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