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Copper Roof prices - as volatile as the commodity itself?

When people are researching prices and options for their copper roof projects, we tend to hear the same question: do fluctuating commodity prices affect the material cost? The short answer is, “No, fluctuations in the price of copper don’t have a very big impact on the price of your finished copper roof.” Here's why.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 7.01.24 PMfluctuating commodity pricing & your roof

It’s true that copper has moved up and down a lot in the past five years, as this graph illustrates, but all metals do something similar. And while it’s also true that from the high point on the graph to the low point, the spot price of the metal dropped something in the range of 33%, it’s still two to four times (or more) the price of steel or aluminum, as a comparison. That means that buying a copper roof when the price is low will mean saving some money on your job, but it won’t save you 33%. Keep in mind that the price of the base copper doesn’t include all of the elements necessary to take an ingot of copper and make it into a copper tile for your roof. You still need to process, ship, form, package, deliver, load, and install that copper in order to make it into a roof. Buying at the low end of the scale compared to the high end would probably save you five to ten percent of the price of the copper roofing job, to be sure - but it’s not nearly as big a saving as you might project from googling the spot price of copper!
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