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Copper Roof Project Supplied by MRN Featured on (Again!)

For the second year in a row, MRN has a featured project on the Copper Developmentcopper diamond shingles | MRN Association siten following the 2013 North American Copper in Architecture Awards! We're thrilled to have supplied copper roofing for such fabulous projects. Last year, our copper diamond shingles on a spectacular home in Atherton, California, earned a nomination as a featured project and today, you'll find that particular project as a staff pick on the site. This year, our copper diamonds again won a spot, this time for a custom tea house in Boston, Mass.

copper diamond shingles | MRNCheck out our projects here - number nine in the standing seams roofs category and number two in the flat seam roofs category.

We submit exceptional copper roofing projects every year in the annual North American Copper in Architecture Awards, and we look forward to doing so again this year. If you have a project for which copper roofing is an option, we'd love to help. Maybe your project will be this year's winner!

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