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Copper Roofing and the Patina Process

Metal Roof Network is a copper roofing specialist, and we've been fortunate to supply material for all kinds of interesting and exciting residential and commercial projects. One of the inherent qualities of real copper is the dramatic change in color it experiences over time - the patina process. While there are treatments that can be applied to keep the copper shiny and looking like new, but without them, it's that distinguished and unique patina that makes each copper roof truly custom. Here's what you should understand about copper roofing and the patina process.

Copper & Its Patina

One of the most common questions about copper roofing is whether it will turn green. The answer is that yes, it will, but it's far from an instantaneous process. When a new copper roof is first exposed to the elements, its appearance is similar to a shiny new penny. But as a natural metal, copper quickly begins to react to its environment and oxidizes. Within the first few months of exposure, a copper roof will begin darkening as it develops a grayish-brown tone. If we go back to the penny example, it's similar to a penny that's been around a while and lost its gleam. This is the copper developing its protective, distinctive patina.

When Does It Turn Green?

That beautiful blue-green of a copper patina happens after prolonged exposure to moisture. That means geography plays a big role, unless you're taking steps to accelerate the process. In dry climates, it can take 20 years or longer for a copper roof to develop its patina. But if you're coveting that Old World look - and you don't want to wait a decade or two - there are ways to speed things up.

Artificial aging solutions are a mix of mild acids and other chemicals that dramatically age copper quickly - usually a day or two following application. These solutions can be applied before or after a copper roof is installed. It's more of an art than a science, so the skill level and experience of your applicator is critical. Someone who knows what he's doing can give your copper roof the appearance of decades of exposure. Here's one of our favorite examples. These beautiful copper diamond shingles were individually treated prior to installation for a beautifully aged aesthetic.

copper-diamond-shingles-Metal Roof Network

Interested in copper roofing for your home or project? We're proud to supply solid copper roofing in tiles, shakes and shingles, panels and these beautiful diamond shingles. Contact us via phone or our contact form, and let's discuss your project today.

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