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How Long Does a Copper Roof last?

One of the many selling points of copper as a roofing material is in its longevity. Copper is one of the longest lasting roof systems you can find - anywhere. A properly selected and installed copper roof can literally last centuries, and there are plenty of examples around the world of original copper roofs that were installed in the 19th century and are still protecting the buildings they top! But people want to know if that's true of the copper roofs we install today. How long does a copper roof really last?

Lifespan of a copper roof

All roofing will wear out at some point, and that's true of copper roofing too. But there are considerations that will help you extend the lifespan of your roof. For example, a thicker copper roof will last longer than a thinner one. A steeper copper roof will last longer than a flat one. And a simple roofline will allow the copper to last longer than a complex roof configuration. However, as metal roof systems go, copper roofs have few peers when it comes to lifespan, and even fewer when it comes to beauty and low maintenance.metal-roof-network-copper-roof-diamonds
As a premium roofing material, it’s common to see copper roofs on churches, government buildings, and fine residences. I’m sure the reason that we don’t see copper on every house is primarily because its beauty and fantastic life expectancy come at a premium price. While it’s true that a copper roof might last as long as three or four ordinary roofs, you’ll pay many times as much. Despite that, copper roofing still offers tremendous value. If you have a roofing project and you're considering copper, Metal Roof Network would love to be involved. Contact us today, and let's discuss the right copper roof for the job.


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