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Black Diamond Roofing - Wow!

We were approached by a client who was remodeling a 60+ year old residence that was originally built with discontinued asbestos diamonds shingles (seen below). He was looking for a roof product that would replicate the style, but without the issues that come with asbestos. Fortunately, we could offer a solution with our metal diamond roofing.

midcentury-asbestos-roofing-replacement-metal-roof-networkThe Project

In addition to the roof project, the homeowner was also changing the exterior color scheme and wanted to make the roof contrast with the exterior walls.

Metal Roof Network was able to manufacture our H-25 diamonds in a low-gloss black in order to achieve both goals:  

  • Complement the new color scheme
  • Replicate the original and historic asbestos diamonds (with none of the drawbacks of the original material). 
The new MRN steel diamonds will deliver similar weight and fire resistance as the original roofing, while offering superior wind and impact resistance.

MRN-H-25-Kynar-Steel-Mat-BlackSo Far, So Good!

The project is currently under construction, but the homeowner's installer sent along these photos with a couple of follow-up questions about best installation practices, which we were happy to answer. Look for pics of the finished roof project soon!

If you have a design dilemma with your roofing project, we're here to help. Contact Metal Roof Network today.

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