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Replacing Asbestos Roofing with MRN h-25 Diamonds

Church with original Asbestos Diamond Roof ShinglesWe were contacted a few years ago by a church group in South Dakota. They needed to replace the aging asbestos diamond shingle roof on their historic stone structure, and they wanted a re-roofing product that would offer at least as long a lifespan as the original asbestos roof. They also something that could offer a similar appearance so as to preserve the architecture of the beautiful original structure. So, they started researching their options online.

A Solution - Steel Diamonds

We're happy to say that they discovered our website and our selection of unique and beautiful metal roofing profiles, including diamonds and other unusual shapes. They reached out, and we began a correspondence. They had a few questions and concerns regarding their re-roofing project. First, they were interested in finding a material that would offer long-term performance and authentic appearance. They were very motivated to avoid a cheap shingle roof and keep the original architectural theme. They also wanted to be sure that in addition to being an aesthetic match for the old asbestos, our material was something that a local roofer could install. Once they learned that most roofers are more than capable, and that most familiar with metal roofing in general find it easy to execute, they were convinced that it would be the best choice. They settled on our H-25 Diamonds in 24GA finished steel, and chose our “Tile Red” color as it was closest to the original color of the roof.
MRN H-25 Tile Red Church 1Now that the job is completed, it is nearly indistinguishable from the original red asbestos diamond roof tiles, and our clients couldn't be happier. Now, their beautiful church will be protected from the elements for generations to come.
If you have a re-roofing project and you need a precise match, we'd be happy to answer your questions. Contact Metal Roof Network today.