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Installing Solar Panels Over Metal Roofing

We recently received a phone call from a solar contractor who was inquiring about techniques for installing solar panels on one of our metal roof systems. As usual, our answer was that as long they used a compatible metal, t here was nothing peculiar about installing solar panels on one of our roofs.  Since the roof in question was formed of aluminum, we made it clear that they should use aluminum mounting hardware, flashings, and hardware to make sure that they didn’t create any electrolysis. Other than that, taking normal precautions foot traffic should yield a very successful application.
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Does Standard Ice & Water Barrier Work Under Metal Roofing?

This is a great question that came in a comment via another blog post, " Will A Metal Roof Make My House Hotter?" Our reader wanted to know if a standard ice and water barrier would work under metal roofing. The short answer? Not in our experience. Here's why.
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Can you Install Metal Roofing Yourself?

We are often asked if our metal roofing products are “easy to install,” and if a homeowner could do it themselves. It's a good question. And as it happens, this is the second post in a row in which we share photos of completed projects that our customers installed themselves. It's evidence that you can indeed install metal roofing yourself!

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Natural Steel Diamond Roofing - Then and Now

We recently had a call from a customer we first more than met nine years ago. The family was adding on to their building and wanted to match the natural steel S-10 roof diamonds we made for them close to ten years ago. Needless to say, we were happy to not only provide more matching steel diamonds, but also photograph a steel roof with nearly ten years of patina. The photos here show that our roof diamonds are performing exactly as expected and providing their high desert residence with the rustic, Western charm that only a metal roof with a developed patina can offer.

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Copper Roofing Tops a Lakeside Gingerbread Home

Since the legislative reaction to another virus has been to restrict everyone’s mobility, the opportunity we have enjoyed in the past of traveling to our customer’s job sites has been rather significantly curtailed this year. Now we face the challenge of seeing our metal roof products installed even more rarely than in past years. Fortunately, our customers are all too willing to share photos, like this one of our copper roofing topping a lakeside gingerbread home.
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The Trouble with Small Metal Roofing Projects in 2020

We recently received another request for copper roofing for someone’s backyard barbecue pit roof, somewhere in the range of about 90 square feet. They wrote the same day as someone who was re-roofing a 120-year-old mansion and wanted to source 7000 square feet of copper roofing that looked like the original. It illustrates the trouble with small metal roofing projects in 2020.
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The Misconception of Heat Absorption and Metal Roofing

We recently received a comment on one of our blog posts, and the writer was quite adamant that the metal roof installed on his parents' home has made the house unbearably hot. He concluded that installing the metal roof was a regrettable decision. Even though the writer was not a customer of ours, made the comment anonymously, and left no information about the type or metal roof his folks had installed (or any other details of the job, for that matter), I felt it worth responding just because there are plenty of misconceptions about metal roofing. Heat absorption is one of them.

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The Role of copper Roofing in Green Building

We were recently contacted by a builder in New York who was doing some preliminary research on green and recyclable building materials. Copper roofing was on the list, and they were interested in general pricing. Here's what we told them.

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Variations in Pricing for Different Metal Roofing Profiles

We were asked recently if our metal roofing products in diamonds, shingles, shakes and tiles are much different in cost than panel versions of metal roofs. Generally speaking, yes, profile plays a role in cost. But it really depends. Here's what to understand about variations in pricing for different metal roofing profiles.
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Making a new copper roof look old

We are regularly asked if we can provide our copper roof profiles in a “pre-aged” finish. Certainly we can, and do, but there are a lot of details - too many to list here - that always arise whenever a client pursues that avenue. It’s worth discussing in advance for those of you who may be considering a similar project that involves making a new copper roof look old.
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