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Is It Difficult to Install a Metal Diamond Roof?

We love answering questions, and recently, we were asked a good one. A fellow reached out to express interest in our copper diamonds for a project on his home. He wanted to know if we could recommend an installer capable of installing the diamonds in his ZIP code, and how challenging they would be for the average roofer. Here's what we had to say.

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Light or Dark Roofing in Sunny Spots - What's Better?

We get many comments on our blog that we don't always publish, but we always try to contact folks directly to offer feedback. When it's a topic that will benefit others, we like to share. And that's what we're doing here. Recently, a blog subscriber left a comment regarding siding that had literally melted in the hot Indiana summer last year, and the homeowner wondered whether the reflection off the shiny galvanized roof wasn't helping. The question to which he needed an answer was, effectively, would painting the galvanized roof black make sense in this situation, or just compound the problem?

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What Do you Think About Faux Copper Roofing?

We got an email recently from the board member of a condo homeowner's association inquiring about faux copper roofing, and specifically whether it can resist dents from hail and offer level four strength and durability. Here's what we shared.

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Is MRN Natural Steel Roofing a Weathering Steel?

We were contacted recently by someone looking at our natural steel shakes. She wanted to know whether our rustic natural steel qualified as a weathering steel, and whether we had guide specification or technical data sheets available for weathering steel shake. Here's our reply.

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Can You Use Standard Ice & Water Barrier Under Metal Roofing?

We received a comment recently on our post, "Will A Metal Roof Make My House Hotter?" asking this very question. It's a good question, and so we turned it into a blog post to share our answer.
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Metal Roofing Can Definitely be a Challenge...

This comment was posted to one of our blog posts recently and I thought it was an idea that deserved a response. Since I deal with metal roofing every day, it’s all too easy to be dismissive as I know from experience that metal roofing is not rocket science and can be properly executed by just about anyone. However, upon reflection, it’s not too hard to imagine that the process is complex and mysterious to anyone who is making their first attempt at installing a metal roof system.
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Metal Roofing Applications - beyond the roof

We've worked with different architects over the year, and while many of our projects involved metal roofs (which makes sense, as we are a metal roof supplier!), some of the most interesting projects involved metal roofing for different applications. One of our favorites involved solid copper corrugated panels for a wall accent, along with customized details and trims.

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Which Roof Profile Reduces Roof Maintenance?

This is a really great question! Roof maintenance, like any homeowner chore, can help extend the lifespan and performance of your roof, and it's a must with certain roofing materials. Metal roofing isn't usually one of them, and that's especially true with diamond profiles - which just happens to be signature line at Metal Roof Network. We offer our diamond roofing in several different metals, and every project we've had the pleasure of being involved in has resulted in beautiful roofs. But there's more to diamond roofing than just aesthetics, particularly in terms of roof maintenance.

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What to Know about Solar Panels and Metal Roofing

Installing solar panels on a roof is becoming increasingly common, especially in predominantly sunny parts of the country. But even as this trend grows, one of the most overlooked elements of this kind of home or office upgrade is the kind of roofing material beneath those solar panels. Here's why to know about solar panels and metal roofing.

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Upgrading synthetic spanish tiles to metal roofing

We have a new project on the West Coast, and we can't wait to get started! We're keeping details under wraps for now, but we can tell you a bit about the existing roof and the decision to upgrade to a metal roof system.
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