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The Role of copper Roofing in Green Building

We were recently contacted by a builder in New York who was doing some preliminary research on green and recyclable building materials. Copper roofing was on the list, and they were interested in general pricing. Here's what we told them.

metal-roof-network-copper-shinglesCopper Roofing Prices

Prices for copper roofing products vary significantly, but start usually around $7 a square foot and can more than double for the heavier gauges and specialty treatments. In addition to the square foot price of the copper roofing itself, most installations require matching trims (drip edges, hip/ridges, gable edges, chimney flashings, penetration boots, etc., - there are many, many possible roof conditions to address), which can add 20 to 100% of the price of the roofing pieces themselves. It’s not uncommon for a copper roof material package to cost in the range of $15-20 (or more) once all is said and done.


Labor Costs

There are even more variables on the labor side, depending on the preparation, slope, complexity and the location of the job. Local, simple jobs might be installed for as little $5 to $7 a square foot. But complex, steep, remote installations with lots of preparation might cost five to ten times as much.
A rough ball-park number for copper roofing installations would be a range of $20 to $40 per square foot as a starting point. That can be refined up or down, according to the specifics of the application. For more specific numbers, contact us today and let's discuss your project.


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