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Variations in Pricing for Different Metal Roofing Profiles

We were asked recently if our metal roofing products in diamonds, shingles, shakes and tiles are much different in cost than panel versions of metal roofs. Generally speaking, yes, profile plays a role in cost. But it really depends. Here's what to understand about variations in pricing for different metal roofing profiles.

metal-roof-network-S16-diamond-shingleProfiles & Pricing

All of our metal roofing products, regardless of profile (a term that describes the shape or pattern of the roof pieces), are made from metal. The price of the finished product is generally more closely related to the particular metal than it is to the shape. But there are a few exceptions.
For example, if you purchase our least expensive metal shingle roof (like our Energy Star Shingle), it’s very close in price to a standing seam panel roof of the same gauge and finish. If you compare a 20 ounce copper standing seam panel roof to our H-25 Diamond roof tiles in copper, you’ll find that there’s maybe 10% difference in price. The same is usually the case with all gauges of finished steel, finished aluminum, zinc, or copper.  
There is something of a “rule of thumb” that says the smaller the pattern, the higher the price per square foot, however. This is because the more pieces you need to cover a given area, the more fabrication costs and more material is consumed. Our most expensive diamond roofing profile is our S-10 diamond, which happens to be our smallest.

MRN-S-10-Copper-diamondDetails Affecting Price

The biggest variable in the price of our metal roof profiles is the type of metal used, and then the finish and gauge of that metal, and then the least significant variable after that is the profile. That means there may be a small premium to be paid for something as distinctive as a diamond roof shingle, but it's not necessarily prohibitive when compared to other metal roofs in the same metal.
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