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5 Ways to Take Proper Care of Metal Roofing

As a metal roof distributor and manufacturer, we write about metal roofing all the time. You'll often find us discussing the low maintenance of metal roof, which may seem a little contrary to the title of this post. While metal roofing is just about the longest lasting material you can buy, there are things you can do to keep it looking and performing its best. Here are five ways to take proper care of metal roofing.

Trim Trees & Bushes Back to Avoid Contact

A tree limb or shrub that regularly scrapes against your metal roof will eventually damage the finish. Avoid this scenario entirely by trimming trees and shrubs so they can't reach your roof.

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Keep Foot Traffic to a Minimum

Walking on a metal roof is necessary for installation, but once the roof is in place, foot traffic should be kept to a minimum. If you do need to get on the roof, check the manufacturer's recommendations first.

Minimize Debris Accumulations

Seasonal rain and even snow will do a decent job of rinsing away leaves and debris, but there are specific roof configurations that will require a little more upkeep. An extendable window cleaning brush with soft bristles is an easy way to sweep debris out of a valley. Doing so will avoid any darkening or discoloration on the finish.

Clean the Gutters

This is another way to minimize the contact of debris with your metal roof. Metal roofs are designed to shed water and then dry. If your gutters are filled with enough debris, you run the risk of preventing the edge of your metal roof from fully drying. Keep corrosion at bay by cleaning out gutters regularly.

Avoid Paint Overspray

This is a surprisingly common occurrence - a careless painter permanently marring a beautiful metal roof with paint overspray. Ask your painter to use a brush and rollers to protect your investment.

We hope this list doesn't strike you as too tedious or time consuming. With a little care, your metal roof will last decades - and look great doing it.

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