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Top Five Metal Roofing Myths

coated steel tile | Metal Roof NetworkWe've been in the metal roofing business for ages, and without a doubt, the biggest challenge we face is the many preconceived notions that people seem to have about metal roofing. If you think "metal roof" and instantly picture an old tin roof on some dilapidated barn, you're one of them!

Here's a good read that covers the "Top 5 Metal Roofing Myths" - and here are the highlights:

Myth 1 - Metal roofs have a higher likelihood of being struck by lightning.
Wrong. Metal roofs will, however, help dissipate the charge in the unlikely event that your roof is struck by lightning. And, because it's noncombustible, your metal roof won't catch on fire either.
Myth 2 - Metal roofs are noisy in the rain.
Wrong again. Today's metal roofs are installed over solid sheathing known as the roof deck, as well as underlayment. And that means no more noise than you'd hear on a regular old comp roof.
Myth 3 - Metal roofs cost too much.
Yes and no. Like all roofing products, there are good, better and best metal roofs. You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a custom metal roof system in some of the more exotic materials, but there are also far more reasonable options. And over the lifespan of a metal roof, you'll actually come out ahead over what you'd spend re-roofing with asphalt composition shingles every 15 years or so. Plus, you'll get benefits like increased energy efficiency and boosted resale value.
Myth 4 - Metal roofs will rust.
Not unless you want them to! Today's metal roofs are designed to last a lifetime, so unless you're after a natural steel that will rust slowly and distinctively, you have nothing to worry about.
Myth 5 - Metal roofs are easily dented.
Nope. These roofs are designed to be incredibly durable so they can stand up to years of abuse from the elements. And as long as walk your roof according to manufacturer's specifications - which are really common-sense directions - they're also completely walkable.

So what's a metal roofing supplier to do when there are myths like the ones above floating around? Educate!

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