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A New Metal Roof for a Modern Upgrade

We're sharing another in-progress project because it's already obvious what a difference a new roof makes! Check out this before and after.
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Metal Roofing on a Mid-Century Home

This metal roofing project features two kinds of metal in three colors and three different profiles. We designed it for a client with a strong background in architecture, who was inspired to use metal as an architectural feature to complement the original brick on this mid-century residence in Reno, Nevada. Metal Roof Network supplied the metal roof panels and the S-10 diamonds in solid zinc for a siding feature at the front entry, plus a random width vertical panel in a third color of finished steel for the second story accents.
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Pre-Aged Copper Roofing & Solar Panels

If this isn’t my favorite job of all time, it’s certainly one of the finalists.  The owner needed to replace a tile roof that had multiple issues and wanted to upgrade the roof at the same time. He and his architect decided that a copper roof would be a suitable solution, but they wanted to keep a tile profile, and so they decided to use our MRN CF Tile in solid copper. They not only wanted the very unique appearance of our copper tiles, but its concealed fastener feature made it a perfect solution. However, there were other issues that needed solving:

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Copper Diamond Roofing on Ocean Home - A Project Update from MRN

These photos are progress shots of our solid copper H-18 diamonds being installed on a West Coast residence. You can see the copper roof on the neighbor next door, showing a preview of   hat our diamonds will resemble in just a year or two.  
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An MRN Project - Matte Black Steel Panels

Here's a progress shot of a beautiful contemporary home in California. The owner had a very specific vision in mind for the roof. He wanted something that would stand out in the neighborhood but also complement his very modern architectural style.

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Metal Roofs - Perfect for Northern Nevada!

Metal roofing is more popular than ever, and even with the price being higher than “regular” composition shingles, the popularity continues to grow. What’s more, metal roofs come in more styles and types than any other type of roof material, and they can complement almost any architectural theme.

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Where to Begin When It's Time for a New Roof

Once you realize it's time for a new roof, where should begin? A new roof is a big purchase, and like other large home upgrades, it's sensible to begin with a bit of research. It quickly becomes clear, however, that there is no shortage of information out there. So how do make a final decision when you're ready to purchase that new roof?

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Can You Fake the Patina on a Copper Roof?

I’m regularly asked about our pre-aged copper roof products, and it's usually someone requesting a particular shade of green or turquoise after viewing a roofing photo they’ve discovered on our website. They tend to ask whehter you can you fake the patina on a copper roof.

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Metal Roof Prices - Who Do You Ask?

As a manufacturer and distributor of all kinds of metal roofing systems, we hear from just people in almost every stage of the construction process - architects, designers, distributors, supply yards, roofers, contractors, home and building owners. Interestingly, it doesn’t matter who's asking the questions, because they tend to be quite similar. The two questions we hear most frequently are: 

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The Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof from the Metal Roof Experts

When it's time for a new roof, you have options. Just because you have concrete tile or composition asphalt shingles doesn't mean you're stuck replacing them with the same materials. After all, the roof is one of the biggest - and most overlooked - architectural features of a home. A new roof is an opportunity to change the entire look of your home, which is why it's worth at least considering different materials. Here are the pros and cons of a metal roof.

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