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Is a Metal Roof Hot?

It's probably not a surprise that a metal roofing company will regularly be asked whether a metal roof is hot, or if it makes the home underneath hotter. We've addressed this before, but since it's our goal to provide useful information about metal roofing, it's worth repeating.

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Four Considerations When You Compare Asphalt Shingles to Metal Roofing

One of the most ubiquitous roofing materials here in northern Nevada - and around the country, in fact - is asphalt shingles. They're relatively cheap and easy for even the most inexperienced roofer to replace when they inevitably fail. But if you're sick of forking over thousands of dollars every decade or so for a new roof, you may be considering the wisdom of upgrading to metal roofing. In that case, here are four considerations when you compare asphalt shingles to metal roofing.

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Durability and Metal Roofing


This photo isn’t a brand new metal roof - it’s of an Energy Star certified metal shake roof that we supplied more than five years ago. Yet it looks like that roof was just upgraded yesterday. The durability of metal roofing is something that we write about all the time, but it's reassuring to see the real world performance of the material. Read More

The Most Durable Roofing for Fire & Hurricane Season


With all the horrible news of fires and hurricanes this fall - disasters that are becoming all-too-common these days - I’m reminded again of some of the features and benefits that we discuss all the time in the metal roof business, yet still take for granted until some extreme event occurs.
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Can You Put a Metal Roof Over My Existing Roof?

We hear this a lot, and the answer is yes, in many instances a metal roof be installed right over the top of another existing roof material. Actually, that's true for thousands of metal roofs - they were installed right over composition shingles and/or wood shakes with no issues at all.

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Metal Roofs in Winter

When I was asked recently whether metal roofs are good in the winter, it turned out that the question arose because of some pre-conception that steel is cold. It made me smile, because every year in the summer I get comments that are nearly opposite and usually take some form of steel is so hot! Without spending too much time on the physics, it’s not untrue to say that both statements are true - given appropriate circumstances.

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These photos are of a private home built in the Gulf Coast of Florida. The MRN CF Tile in solid copper was pre-aged with a custom patina formulation to achieve that "100 year-old" appearance, as an aged tile look was very important to the homeowners.

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Do You Ever Need to Replace a Metal Roof?

One of the many benefits of a quality metal roof is longevity. Metal roofs are the longest-performing roof materials available - just look at some of those centuries-old copper roofs on churches and cathedrals in Europe! It's a fact that begs the question - do you ever need to replace a metal roof? Here's what 35 years of experience with metal roofing has taught me.

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Natural and Pre-Aged Copper Roofing

Potential customers are always interested in learning more about our copper roofing and how it's faring on previous projects. And we're happy to oblige. Here are a few images of one of our solid copper tile roofing systems.

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Five Reasons to Choose a Copper Roof

Last week, we wrote about the price of copper roofing. But recently, I was asked a question that I tend to take for granted. This person asked me, "Why choose a copper roof?”

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