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pros & cons of natural steel metal roofing

While they are certainly not for everyone, and only truly suitable for roofs in dry climates like the Southwest US, our metal roof products in natural steel are always show-stoppers. I was speaking to an architect recently who’s doing a project in Arizona and wanted something distinctive for his client’s custom home in the desert. I talked to him about the many options for profiles in rusty steel, and he wanted something that was distinctive and unusual, so I showed him our unique random steel shakes in natural steel. Read More

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Do metal roofs ever need to be replaced?

I was having a conversation with a client the other day about the benefits of metal roofing, and he asked an interesting question:  If I buy a metal roof, will I ever have to replace it? My answer was the usual, “You won’t live long enough!” However, it did have me thinking about all the metal roofs I’ve seen installed and how many I’ve actually seen replaced. 

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Roof Color & Weight - Recurring Themes in the Roofing Biz

This project reminds me of two recurring themes that we encounter often in the metal roofing business - roof colors as they appear in the sample and on the roof, and what roofing material weighs.

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DIY Your New Metal Roof

We often hear from potential customers who are interested in whether or not they'd be able to DIY their new metal roof. It can vary depending on which profile and metal a customer is considering, but yes, metal roof installation can be a very doable DIY project.

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What Will a New Copper Roof Cost?

When people ask about our beautiful copper roofing, the first question is usually related to price. We have copper roofing in an assortment of beautiful profiles, and it makes sense that people want to know about cost, just for an idea. If you're in the market for a new roof, you may be wondering yourself - what will a new copper roof cost? Just like shopping for a car, there's no single answer. The final cost of a new copper roof will depend on things like the profile, installation costs, gauge, even the time of year.

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How Diamond Shingles Reduce Roof Maintenance

The signature line at Metal Roof Network is our diamond shaped metal roof products. We offer our diamond roofing in an array of different metals, and every project we've had the pleasure of being involved in has resulted in impressive roofs. But there's more to diamond roofing than just aesthetics.

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Tesla Solar Roof - A Better Alternative than Solar Panels?

There was a term that enjoyed quite a period of popularity about 15-20 years ago:  “vapor ware.”  The term referred to programs or products that promised revolutionary abilities reputed to be on the near horizon. The one distinction all vapor ware shared was never actually arriving to the market. The technicality of needing to arrive as promised rarely impacted the buzz the products generated when rumors of their impending release were the only reality.

I have to wonder if at least some of the claims of the Tesla solar roof don’t share some of the features that made vapor ware a thing.

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A Matte Black Roof in Reno, Nevada

While metal roofing offers more styles, shapes, finishes and colors than any other type of roofing material, it’s still the classic standing seam panel that comes to most people’s minds whenever the topic of metal roofing comes up. And when we supply material for a project like this one in Reno, Nevada, it's easy to understand why!

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How to Save Money on a New Metal Roof

For most of us, the bottom line is a big consideration when it's time for a new roof. We all want the best price, but no one is interested in sacrificing quality either. If you haven't yet considered metal roofing, download our free guide to learn why this option may be the best for your project. Metal roofs come in more styles, colors, profiles and thicknesses than any other roofing material, and all of those choices mean one thing - many metal roofs are actually made to order. What does that mean for you? Big savings! Here are our top tips for saving money on a new metal roof.

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Here's How to Avoid Big Problems With Your Roof

When people think about their home, the roof doesn't usually come to mind. In fact, we rarely tend to think about our home's roof, until it's shedding bits of debris all over the lawn after a storm or water is suddenly pouring in through the ceiling.

That's worrisome, because by the time these kinds of issues are happening, your roof problem is likely to be a very big problem indeed. Luckily, it's simple enough to keep the roof on your radar to avoid huge, expensive problems. Here's how to avoid big problems with your roof.

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