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The Best Roof for a Modern Farmhouse

Credit Joanna Gaines and the Magnolia empire — the "Modern Farmhouse" is a dominant architectural and home decor style that isn't going anywhere. And for those who are truly committee to the aesthetic, metal roofing should be a consideration. There's a reason that the best roof for the modern farmhouse is metal roofing.

The Original Farmhouse Roof

Metal roofs have been part of the residential “farmhouse” look for centuries. We’ve all heard of tin roofs, and this type of roof material can be traced back through the US Civil War and even into the 18th century.  Tin, copper, plated steel, iron, zinc  all of these type of materials could be found crowning urban and rural homes of all kids, today and centuries into the past. Styles included corrugated, stamped, hammered, and other styles dictated by the local aptitude, equipment, and imagination of the owner and tradesmen of the period.
Using metal roofing today as part of a modern farmhouse style is not only historically accurate, it's also a good choice in terms of versatility. With so many material and profit choices, including copper, steel, zinc in classic standing seam panels or copper tiles, there's a durable and beautiful metal that will work perfectly with your version of the modern farmhouse, wherever you live.
Yes, metal roofing is completely appropriate — historically and technically — to any farmhouse style.  Whether you’re aiming for the modern farmhouse or a traditional version, there’s a metal roof that will  match the architectural theme. And here's the best part — since metal roofs are better than ever, it will also protect your home into the indefinite future.
If you're building or renovating and the modern farmhouse is the look you're going for, we'd love to offer suggestions about the best metal roof for the project. Contact us today.

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