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Five Benefits of Metal Roofing

mrn-s10-copper-diamond-shingleIf you're researching new roofing, it's easy to become overwhelmed at the many, many options. Metal roofing is sometimes overlooked - people assume it's too industrial, or too expensive, or it will be loud when it rains. These are all common misconceptions, but they're just that - misconceptions. In fact, metal roofing comes in more options, textures, profiles, and colors than any other roofing material. It can be very affordable, and it's a very durable material with an incredible lifespan. Download our free re-roofing booklet to see how metal roofing compares to other popular roofing materials, and read on for five benefits of metal roofing.


No matter your home or building's architectural style, there's a metal roof to complement it. Many people picture an old barn roof, and while it's true that you can get metal roofing in long, vertical panels, that's really just the beginning. Have a look at our tile, shake, and shingle galleries to see how beautiful and versatile metal roofing really is.


No roof will last forever, but metal can come close! There are examples of copper roofs around the world today that were installed centuries ago, and they're even more beautiful today. Low maintenance and longevity are hallmarks of metal roofing.

Old Barn Tin MRN 1.5SL 2Safety

Metal roofing is incombustible. Unlike other roofing materials, that characteristic means the roof is eliminated as a fire risk. In fire zones, that's a big benefit. Another advantage of metal roofing is their extreme light weight and rigidity. These are big considerations in earthquake-prone parts of the world. Even the lightest asphalt shingle roof will weight close to double that of the average metal roof. Meanwhile, a standard concrete roof weighs around 15 tons - a lot of weight to have overhead during an earthquake. Finally, metal roofs that have been properly configured offer extreme resistance to high winds. It comes down to their fastening system. Unlike asphalt roofing, which relies on an adhesive that rapidly ages, metal roofs are mechanically fastened. That's why they're so amazingly durable in all kinds of weather.


Between their light weight and their range of profiles, metal roofing offers tremendous versatility. There are few materials that can go right over the top of existing roofs, and metal is one of them. It's a technical benefit that can save time and money.


Metal roofs can be manufactured with a significant amount of recycled material. Plus, their assemblies dramatically reduce accumulated heat in an attic for improved energy efficiency. Their long lifespans lower life-cycle costs and keep materials out of our landfills. Ask us about Energy Star certified finishes, too!

If you have a roofing project, investigate metal - you'll likely be surprised. Metal Roof Network can answer all of your questions, so contact us today.

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