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MRN Answers - Are Metal Roofs Noisy in the Rain?

This is a question we see all across the Internet, and depending upon who's answering, the answer varies - all the way from yes to no with a maybe in between. So who's right?

The short answer is no, metal roofs aren't noisy in the rain, but there are variables that need to addressed for anyone who wants a complete answer.

First, most metal roofs installed on homes make no more noise in rain than most other roof materials. In a hard enough rain, all architectural surfaces will make make noise, but for some reason many people believe metal will be particularly noisy. I'm sure the impression is as a result of either the experience or imagination of rain striking a suspending metal roof like one on a shed or patio cover. In these instances, the metal (because it's strong) is suspended over other framing pieces. These long, exposed (top and bottom) pieces of metal can reverberate in the rain and so can in fact be quite noisy. What people don't realize is that a metal roof on a home is installed quite differently the vast majority of the time. Modern metal roofing installations are most often installed on solid substrates and underlayments that prevent reverberation and deaden any unusual sound. Imagine a cymbal suspended by a string in the air, and laying on the carpet - striking the same piece of metal in each place yields dramatically different noises. It's the same with a metal roof.

So, if you're considering the many advantages and styles of metal roofing, don't let the misconception that they are somehow "noisier" than other materials cause you to prematurely strike it from your shopping list. That would be a big mistake. Download our free re-roofing booklet and learn more about metal roofing today.

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