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Why Metal Roof Pricing Lacks a Flat Rate

Earlier this month, we were contacted by something inquiring about metal roofing pricing, specifically for "copper-look" materials. Pricing is, of course, one of the first questions we hear when it comes to a new metal roof. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a price sheet for our various metal roofing materials. That's because the price of metal itself fluctuates, every roofing project is different, and accessories will always vary. Here's why metal roof pricing lacks a flat rate.

Metal Roof Pricing

When this inquiry came to us, it specified pricing for all metal roofing materials so they could compare costs. That's quick and easy to dash off in a contact form, but here at Metal Roof Network, we make multiple profiles of metal roofing products in multiple metals, with multiple finishes, and a huge variety of trim and accessory options. Quantities, timing, plus the configuration and location of a particular project also must be factored.

Clearly, there are many variables at play, and each one will affect the cost of a material package.

It's similar to asking an auto manufacturer for prices for all their cars. They may be able to provide base rates for every car they make, but there are so many factors that go into the final price that it's not particularly helpful.

What we can say definitively is that prices right now begin around $2.50 per square foot up to nearly $20, plus the cost of trims and delivery. It's not particularly helpful for anyone who's beginning to research the cost of a new metal roof, which is why we ask for a few more details when someone is contacting us for pricing. We understand that they may not have finalized profile or even material choices, but the more information that can be provided, the better.

A phone call is often the best way to quickly identify the kind of roofing you're picturing in your head, and with a bit of information about your project, we're often able to offer a ballpark figure from there. If you're shopping for metal roofing, we'd love to answer your questions. Contact us today.


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