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Flat Steel Panel Roofing for a Classic Modern Residence

When the owner and architect of a "classic modern" executive residence considered his options for a durable, low-maintenance roof that would match the understated elegance of the home itself, he quickly landed on metal. Here's why.


This custom residence in the Midwest is yet another illustration of the versatility of metal roofing. The requirements for the roof were simple - durability and low maintenance, without sacrificing a clean aesthetic. Our custom-made, large format interlocking flat steel panel roof in a Kynar 500 “Dark Bronze” color was the perfect choice, ticking all of the boxes on the list and offering a striking contrast to the light stone walls.
No other roofing material combines all of the advantages of metal:  
  • Light weight
  • Supremely durable
  • Non-combustible
  • Extreme resistance to wind
  • Inherently water-proof
  • Available in more shapes and colors than any other type of roof material (by a great margin!)
As you can see, the contractor did a lovely job of installing this very low-profile design in a classic “brick” pattern, and the result is a distinctive and weather-proof roofing assembly that brings to life the vision of the architect and will provide generations of performance.
Metal roofing proves its unique value once more!
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