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Available Sizes and Shapes of Diamond Metal Roofing

Someone reached out recently with an inquiry about the available sizes and shapes of our diamond shingles. It's a good question, and we're sharing our response here in case others are wondering the same thing.

Diamond Metal Roofing Sizing

First, some general guidelines: the type and gauge of metal is the biggest determinant of price and rigidity. The bigger diamonds tend to be less money for a given roof or wall area, assuming similar metal specifications, because we usually get better yield from the standard sizes the metal suppliers provide.
The metal roof diamonds we make come in four standard sizes and shapes, plus we offer customization. The standard offerings, biggest to smallest:  
  • H-25
  • S-16
  • H-18
  • S-10
The prefix in the base refers to the shape (S for square; H for harlequin), and the number refers to either the approximate vertical height (H series), or length of one side (S series).
The diamonds here at Metal Roof Network are usually made in one of four metals:  steel (bare and finished); aluminum (bare and finished); copper (natural); and zinc (usually pre-patina).
Each type of metal is available in multiple gauges (thickness), and some are also available in different hardness. There are also different finishes for the steel and aluminum versions, along with literally dozens and dozens of colors.
While all of these options may be confusing to the uninitiated, it’s not too difficult to explain if you need help sorting out the variables for a specific project.
Regardless of the size, shape, or metal, they’re a classic style which makes any roof distinctive. If you do have a building on the drawing board that needs metal roof diamonds, we’d be thrilled to supply the right style for the job. Contact MRN today.

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