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Metal Roofing for Dummies

No matter how many times I write on the topic, I still hear the same questions regularly. One of the most common questions is some variation of: what’s the advantage of metal roofing? There are many advantages of metal roofing over other options on the market today - enough that I've written a re-roofing booklet and several comparison guides (free for download here). But to quickly summarize, here's a metal roofing for dummies guide.

MRN Energy Star Shake Black 3Metal Roofing Advantages 101

A little bit of research quickly reveals the advantages of metal roofing. Here are six that make this roofing material stand out.

  1. Metal roofs last the longest of all commonly used roofing materials.
  2. Metal roofs are the lightest (usually by a long shot!) of all commonly used roofing materials.
  3. Metal roofs are the most distinctive of all commonly used roofing materials.
  4. Metal roofs won’t burn in a fire.
  5. Metal roofs are exceptionally good at resisting high winds.
  6. Metal roofs come in more colors and shapes than all other roofing materials combined.

Learning these facts is a great start. Step two is discovering whether the metal roof that you like works with your budget. Fortunately, we can help with that. Contact Metal Roof Network today.