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The Most Durable Roofing for Fire & Hurricane Season

With all the horrible news of fires and hurricanes this fall - disasters that are becoming all-too-common these days - I’m reminded again of some of the features and benefits that we discuss all the time in the metal roof business, yet still take for granted until some extreme event occurs.

Qualities of a Metal Roof

When we're sharing the benefits of metal roofing, we always mention the traits shared by all types of metal roofs. Metal roofs are, across the board:

  • Incombustible
  • Highly resistant to winds
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Long lasting

When you're shopping for a new roof, these great characteristics are just a sales pitches to many. Until Mother Nature or a man-made disaster tests those claims.

The only house on the beach in Florida that survived the recent hurricane was built specifically with a metal roof to resist high winds. And that's what it did.

There are multiple instances in which a metal roof helped a home or building survive a fire, simply because every metal roof is non combustible and will not support a flame.

Metal roof benefits aren't merely a sales line. These homes survived hurricanes and fires, and that happened in no small part because of their metal roofs.

While it's certainly true that there are a number of contributing factors that can conspire to increase or decrease the survivability of any structure, choosing a metal roof will always increase the odds.

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