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Metal Roofs vs. Hurricane Winds

A burning roofing question submitted by a site visitor:

"What's the likelihood of a metal roof (shingle look) withstanding hurricane winds (>74 MPH) compared to a standard asphalt shingle roof? Any specifications for maximum wind tolerance?" 

Metal roofs are well known for their superior wind resistance, and most of the roofs you see on our site are rated for wind speeds of 90 MPH and higher (up to 140). Compare that to asphalt shingles, which rely on an adhesive to keep them flat to the roof - an adhesive that, like asphalt itself, deteriorates in heat and sun. The upshot is that eventually, all asphalt shingles - even the impressive sounding and pricey "architectural shingle" - will loose their ability to resist winds. Metal roofs rely on a mechanical fastening system, so as long as the deck holding the fasteners remains intact, the metal roof itself has exceptional wind resistance.

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