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What Does a Copper Roof Cost?

The first thing people ask when they're inquiring about our beautiful copper roofing is usually related to the cost. And that makes sense. After all, it takes just a quick look through the pictures of the many, many copper roofing projects in our photo galleries to see how exceptional hese roofs are, and that makes it hard not to ask the price - just to see. So how much do copper roofs cost? That depends on factors like gauge, profile, installation costs, even the time of the year!


The fact is, copper roofs aren't for everyone. They typically cost two to three times as much as other, more basic metal roofing systems. The material alone  usually starts at about $8 or $9 a square foot and can go up to about $15 a square foot for heavier and/or pre-patinated roofing options.


Labor to install a copper roof usually costs more than regular metal roofing as well. That's because details and accessories that accompany a metal roof installation are of the highest order. Expectations of the installer are just as high, and so they tend to take more time to get them right. More time translates to more money.


Manufacturers with overages may run seasonal sales or flash sales, which means you can get a steal of a deal on a copper roof if you're ready to buy.

So Why Copper?

While copper roofs aren't the most expensive metal roof available, they're definintely near the top. But there's far more to a copper roof than just good looks. Copper is a very green roof material (made of a significant amount of recycled material and fully recyclable when the house beneath them needs replacing!), and it will last for many generations. Copper won't burn, it's lightweight, and it's certainly among the most beautiful and distinctive roofing choices in the world. The most important thing to remember when it comes to copper roofing is this: they're not an inexpensive option, but they offer tremendous value. A copper roof is a beautiful upgrade to your home.

Interested in learning more about our copper roofing? We're proud to supply solid copper in tiles, shakes & shingles, panels and diamond shingles, and we offer patina accelerating packages too. Call or click today - we're always happy to discuss our favorite roofing material!

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