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What to Know about Solar Panels and Metal Roofing

Installing solar panels on a roof is becoming increasingly common, especially in predominantly sunny parts of the country. But even as this trend grows, one of the most overlooked elements of this kind of home or office upgrade is the kind of roofing material beneath those solar panels. Here's why to know about solar panels and metal roofing.

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Best Roof for Solar in 2017 - How to Improve Performance

Hardly a week goes by where we don’t get asked about metal roofing and solar installations. Most people already know that metal roofs make the most practical roof material for solar panel installations because they are the ONLY roofing system that allows solar panels mounting on the outside of the roof, with NO penetrations to the roof that could potential cause leaks.
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Combining Roof Top Solar with Copper and Other Metal Roofs

As beautiful as our copper roof tiles and shingles are, we are finding more and more clients who are requesting solar panels along with their new copper roof systems. While it can certainly be done, our recommendation is combining profiles so that the portion of the roof that is to hold the solar panels is different that the rest of the roof that is exposed.
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Metal Roofs and Solar Panels - Why It Makes Perfect Sense

Metal roofs are the perfect roof material for mounting solar panels. And there are two big, critical reasons for this:

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