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Metal Roofs and Solar Panels - Why It Makes Perfect Sense

Metal roofs are the perfect roof material for mounting solar panels. And there are two big, critical reasons for this:

1. No other roofing system offers the opportunity to mount a solar panel array without a single hole in the roof. And why does that matter? Because every hole in a roof is a golden opportunity for a leak, and eliminating holes for mounting hardware increases the integrity of the roof. Metal roofs offer the advantage of mounting solar panels on the outside of the roof system, meaning the complete integrity of the roof system is not compromised at all.

2. In addition to this enormous technical advantage, metal roofs will last as long or longer than the panels themselves. One of the most costly and avoidable problems with roof-top solar panel systems is roof replacement. Almost all other types of roof materials require regular replacement - which leaves owners with the problem of having to decommission, dismantle, re-install, and re-commission any solar panel arrays mounted on top. This unfortunate but predictable circumstance is not only very expensive - it's also entirely avoidable!

aluminum panels | Metal Roof NetworkBy upgrading roof materials to metal before installing a solar panel system, the owner can easily avoid the big expense of having to remove the solar array when it's time to replace the roof. It's an easy prediction to make that installing a new solar panel system on an old roof (other than metal) is guaranteed to incur a very big - and completely unnecessary - extra price tag. Smart homeowners think a few years down the road and can easily see that a little planning means not giving ba

Here's a very recent project on the northern Californian coast. The owners upgraded from a petroleum-based asphalt shingle roof to a sleek finished aluminum standing seam metal roof system and added a clean power photoelectric panel system too.

solar panel system | Metal Roof NetworkNote how the panels clamp to the ribs of the metal without any penetration of the roof, eliminating the possibility of leaks due to roof penetrations. 

Have a solar project? Let Metal Roof Network design it for your needs! Throw in a metal roof package and you'll have one heck of a permanent, energy-efficient roof system.

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