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The Best Metal Roof for the Money

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The current economic climate notwithstanding, people are going to continue to need roofs. And if it's at all possible, a metal roof is still your best bet despite the higher initial cost. Over time, your investment will pay for itself again and again. At the very least, you should explore your re-roofing options with metal before slapping the same old comp shingles on your roof again - the very ones that will require patching and/or replacement far too quickly.

So, "What's the "best" metal roof?" And specifically, "What's the best metal roof for the money?"

  • Almost any metal roof is better than almost any asphalt shingle roof in terms of durability, longevity and performance.
  • The best metal roof for you is the best one you can afford.
  • "Concealed fastener" metal roofs are better than "exposed fastener" metal roofs because they reduce the possibility of leak points.
  • Heavier gauge metal roofs are better than lighter gauge metal roofs of the same profile because they offer increased durability and longevity.
  • Metal roofs with the highest quality finishes look better longer than metal roofs with cheaper finishes.

All things being equal, the profile (or shape of the roof, like panel, shingle, tile, etc.) is less important in terms of function and more important in terms of aesthetics. Keep in mind - some finishes and profiles work better under certain conditions (heavy snow, intense summer sun, humid or coastal locations, etc.), so it's best to recruit the opinion of someone familiar with the performance of the different metal roof options for your particular application.

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It's impossible to provide a flat rate for a new metal roof, but we're happy to throw some numbers at you in exchange for a few details about your project. If it's time to re-roof and you'd like to explore the possibility of doing it for the last time, read our FREE re-roofing booklet, then give us a call or drop us a line and let's chat about metal roofing.

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