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Three Reasons Metal Roofing is More Popular Than Ever

More and more, we're seeing metal roofs used in residential applications that, just a few years ago, would probably have specified materials like shingles or concrete. So why the change? Education and an understanding of the real benefits of metal roofing have to be part of it, but here are three big reasons that metal roofing is more popular than ever:

shingles1. Metal roofing is eco-friendly. Unlike other roofing materials, all metals roofs are made from recycled content. Even better, once installed, they can last as long as a building is standing, which means no tear-offs of materials that ultimately end up tossed in landfills. No other material can make the claim of being so kind to the earth. Plus, there are Energy Star certified finishes available, which can reduce energy load costs on your home or building - another consideration for our environment.

concrete shake blow off2. Metal roofing is the best value, because it lasts the longest.
 For just about any building in most environments, a new metal roof will out-live the occupants - plus generations to come. Take a second to really absorb that - you put a roof on your home today and never have to re-roof again. Then you sell it to your children or grandchildren, and odds are good that they won't have to re-roof either! Even though it's a bigger investment than disposable roofing materials - especially asphalt composition shingles - metal won't require replacement in a decade or two and will actually cost less over its life-span than cheap alternatives. Remember - you get what you pay for, and that rule definitely applies when it comes to roofing materials.

3. Metal roofing offers the most choices of appearance. By a long shot, metal roofing gives you more looks, colors, styles, patterns, and profiles than any other material. No matter if the desired appearance of your home or building is formal or rustic, regular or patterned, textured or smooth, metal combines the look you're after with the benefits you want. Put another way - try forming concrete or comp shingles into long, thin ribs or getting a smooth finish from either material! Tiles, shingles, panels, diamonds - all are options available in metal. Make your profile choice, then narrow things down to texture and color.

Still considering your options? Good for you! Do your homework with our free re-roofing booklet or any of our comparison sheets. Or set up a free estimate and get real numbers for your job.

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