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The Best Roof Choice for High-Wind Areas

damaged asphalt shinglesThere are many parts of the country with powerful winds, and northern Nevada is no exception. Following one of Mother Nature's impressive performances, it's not uncommon to see blown-over fences, branches knocked off trees and roofs ripped into shreds. It's enough to make you wonder, is there a good roof choice for high-wind areas?

The Best Roof For High-Wind Areas

Metal roofs are superior when it comes to high winds, and here's why. Unlike asphalt roofs that rely on a rapidly decaying adhesive to hold one layer to the next - a material, by the way, that deteriorates when exposed to heat and sun - metal roofs are mechanically fastened. There's no glue to fail, which means the attachment is more secure than any other type of roofing material you might choose.

This type of installation also means that our beautiful metal roofs can typically be installed right over existing roofing material, which is an added bonus that saves time, money and waste. Another benefit of metal roofing? While asphalt shingle warranties all stop covering wind damage after just a few years, our metal roof warranties include wind damage for the full warranty period. And that can be up to 50 years.damaged concrete shake

If you need a new roof, and you live in an area that exposes your roof to any sun, wind or wet (who doesn't?), it's worth your time to learn more about metal roofing.

Download our free re-roofing booklet, get a free estimate and upgrade to a permanent metal roof system that will look great and perform for decades - no matter how windy it gets.

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