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Pricing for a new metal roof is always a hot topic as well, so read on for more information on the burning question: "I'm thinking of upgrading to a metal roof and want to know some prices." It's a little like asking, “I’m thinking about buying a new car and wanted to know some prices.” The answer in both cases begs the question, “What kind to you want?” In the case of metal roofs, just as with cars, prices vary wildly. The cheapest metal roof can be had for less than $1 a square foot, while the most expensive can cost $20 or more.

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New Metal Roof Prices

Among the most common questions we hear on a regular basis is: "How much for a new metal roof?" It's not an unusual question, but it's one that proves extremely difficult to answer with anything less than more questions. Metal Roof Network has metal roofs it sells for prices ranging from 99 cents a square foot up to nearly $30 a square foot. How to you "ball park" the cost of a metal roof with such an enormous range of options? There are at least half a dozen different types of metal roofs (more than one type of galvanized steel, natural steels, aluminum, copper, zinc and other uncommon types as well), a wide range of thicknesses and alloys for each material, different finishes and a big variety of profiles too. Add all of these variables into the mix and you can see why attempting to approximate the price of a metal roof becomes an exercise in guesstimating!

Here's a quick-and-dirty approximation for metal roof pricing: low end metal roofing (like our finished steel value panel) is typically in the $1 to $2 per square foot range (with most contractors installing these in the $1 to $3 per square foot range depending on the specifics of the job). Average quality metal roofing often ends up costing somewhere between $2.5 and $5 per square foot (plus roughly the same range of prices for installation) and high end metal roofs are between $6 and up to as high as $30 per square foot (plus installation costs). It's a very wide range and probably not very helpful, which is why we offer our free homeowner's guide to re-roofing booklet. There's a lengthy formula in there just for metal roof pricing, so it's certainly worth a read to anyone considering a new roof. Another option? Give us a call! We can ask you a few questions over the phone, narrow down the style and material you're most interested in, and provide general numbers specific to your job.

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