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Five Reasons to Choose a Copper Roof

metal-roof-network-s10-copper-diamond-shingles-coloradoLast week, we wrote about the price of copper roofing. But recently, I was asked a question that I tend to take for granted. This person asked me, "Why choose a copper roof?”

The short answer is that copper is simply the best roof material. Here are five reasons why that's true.

Long Lifespan

Because copper is extremely corrosion-resistant, its life expectancy as a roof material can often been measured in centuries instead of years. Doesn't that sound ideal for the average homeowner? Roof it and be done with it!

This exceptional lifespan is due to copper's resistance to moisture and weather - a trait few other metals one could select for use as a roof material possess. There are many copper roofs functioning today on buildings in North America that were first installed in the 19th century. If you choose a copper roof for your building, it’s likely to last as long as the building is standing, requiring little to no maintenance at all.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s estimated by that 45% of all copper used is recycled, and all copper used on a roof could be recycled one day if the building beneath is ever changed. Its value and permanence assure copper will rarely if ever be discarded, which is certainly not the case for asphalt composition shingles - no matter how much you pay for them.

Light Weight

A solid copper roof is generally less than three pounds per square foot installed weight. This makes it about the same weight as most other metal roof options, which is significantly lighter than any concrete or clay tile, and even lighter than many asphalt shingle roofs. If you like near earthquake country, consider how much weight you want hanging over your head.

Strong & Durable

Formed into a roofing profile, copper can resist snow, ice, and wind as well as most other metals, and stand up to extreme weather in areas that would overcome cheaper materials.

Beautiful & Exceptional

Copper is unique among roof materials in that the older it gets, the more distinctive and desirable it becomes. The famous copper patina that develops from exposure to weather and rain continues to develop for many, many years and is constantly changing and becoming deeper and more intricate. The patina layer is similar to a scab that develops on damaged skin - it actually protects the base material from the elements. The green and blue patina that develops on copper is so desirable, many pay a premium to have their copper roof “pre-aged” by the application of a patina chemical in advance. It’s something we provide for our clients regularly.

If you have a roofing project planned, talk to us about the benefits and versatility of copper. It comes in an array of beautiful profiles, and it's unrivaled in terms of aesthetics and performance. Contact Metal Roof Network today.