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Metal Roofs - Pay More Now and Save Later

This is a great article written by the founder of Angie's List about spending more on metal roofing today to reap savings over the lifespan of your roof. Check out the article via the link below after you read our handy Cliff's Notes version:

What makes metal roofing a durable, energy-efficient alternative to regular old aspalt shingles? According to Angie Hicks, here's why:

Variety and Aesthetics

Today's metal roofs come in all sorts of colors and styles, some of which are designed to mimic concrete, wood and slate (with none of the drawbacks traditionally associated with those materials).


While the average metal roof is roughly twice the cost of a comp roof, the return on investment is far greater. Angie quotes Michael Burdine of Metal Solutions, who says, "They have great energy savings," he said. "They reflect the heat away to make your attic space cooler; reduce your energy use in the summertime and will increase the value of your home; in many cases, up to 80 percent of the initial cost of the investment."

Energy Efficiency

Unlike composition shingles, metal roofs reflect the sun, which, according to Angie's article, "can reduce peak cooling demand by 10 percent to 15 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy." Another quote from the Energy Department's Oak Ridge National Laboratory said some metal roofs can save up to 25% in energy costs compared to dark gray asphalt shingles. 

Lifespan and Longevity

Another benefit of metal roofs are their lifepans - some can last for hundreds of years! Plus, they offer superior resistance to extremes of weather - hail, wind and fire damage. Some insurance companies even offer discounts for metal roofs.

Great article, Angie! We brag about the benefits of metal roofing all the time, but it's great to read such a well-written article from another source.

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Angie's Advice: Pay more now, save later with metal roof, save 25+% on energy bills and get warranties up to 50 years (

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