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The Difference Between Shingles & Metal Roofing

How does metal roofing compare to comp?

More and more visitors are coming to our site in search of information relating to the difference between shingles and metal roofing. Well, they're coming to the right place! Read on for a list of resources that focus entirely on this topic:

  • Our FREE and always popular re-roofing booklet, a comprehensive guide that covers the pros and cons of a variety of popular roofing materials
  • Our brand new Metal vs. Comp comparison sheet, a handy little guide with a "just-the-facts" approach to comparing the two materials

  • This very blog, which includes more than post on the differences between shingles and metal roofing
  • Us! We're always happy to chat and you can call or click today with any questions. There's absolutely no obligation, and you can pick the brain of our resident roof expert via email or phone whenever it suits you.
In a nutshell, the difference between shingles and metal roofing comes down to price, performance and lifespan. Metal has shingles beat hands-down in the second two categories, and technically in the first too, as it's a one-time investment that actually costs less over the long-term that what you'll spend replacing that "cheap" comp roof over the years. There are other considerations as well, factors like warranties and eco-friendliness, so we encourage you to download our free guide and comparison sheet, check out the rest of the site, and educate yourself on the differences.
Even if you decide to go with a comp roof after all, you'll be making the decision after learning all of the facts.

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