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Eco-Friendly Metal Roofing

Here's another in our Q&A series. As always, feel free to post your question and we'll post an answer as a blog post.

Q: Our existing asphalt roof is more than 15 years old now, and I’m noticing a lot of worn spots. I know it’s almost time for a new one, but I want to do something environmentally responsible. Is there a roof material that's considered eco-friendly?

A: For you, the answer is unquestionably metal. Besides being lightweight and available in a wide array of shingles, shakes and tiles all in varying textures and colors, metal has some outstanding qualities when it comes to earth-friendliness.

  • It’s remarkable light weight and mechanical fastening system allows it to go over most existing roofs – immediately saving disposal expense and the impact on our diminishing landfills.
  • Metal roofs are manufactured from recycled materials, closing the loop for efficient use of materials.
  • Metal roofs offer assemblies that dramatically reduce the amount of heat accumulated in an attic, making them highly energy efficient.

If being ecologically responsible is important to you, then staying away from petroleum-based roof products (asphalt) and upgrading to metal should be your first priority. Then you'll be a green warrior while enjoying the endless benefits of a quality metal roof system!

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