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What to Look for in a New Roof

Here's an excerpt from our FREE re-roofing booklet in a section that discusses the many looks to be found in various roofing materials.

"If there’s an easily identifiable aesthetic characteristic that makes people love or hate a roof, it’s texture and depth. There is something about a roof covering with a pronounced profile that makes it look desirable. Thin, low profile roof coverings usually strike people as “cheap” or “plain.” 

Manufacturers are well aware of this and for some time now have been disguising the actual depth of their products with a pattern of coloring that creates artificial shadows to give the impression of added depth. Notice in the sales literature of many shingle manufacturers that the photos in the brochures are inevitably steep roofs and the angle of the photographs is as perpendicular to the roof surface as possible to highlight this pattern. That’s why often the roof that looked so “textured” in the brochure looks just thin and plain on your roof– the pattern was painted on and your roof isn’t steep enough to show it off. 

One of the advantages and desirable features of the concrete, ceramic or metal tiles is that they often have a very pronounced “step” form row to row or from side to side and their texture and depth is a real feature of their profile and not a painted illusion. This means that the thickness of profile is readily visible from the ground even if your roof isn’t as steep as the ones in the brochures.  

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Keep that in mind when choosing your next roof, and try to view the materials you’re considering on a roof that has the same slope as yours. That way you’ll have a much more accurate idea of what effect you’ll be creating on your own home.

There are so many factors to consider when it's time to re-roof, and we're happy to help! Browse our photo galleries for images of completed metal roof projects, give us a call or click today for a free estimate on a new metal roof!

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