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New Metal Roof Prices & Costs

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Our original post on new metal roof prices has been quite popular, so we wanted to delve further into the topic. This is an excerpt (paraphrased for optimal reading here) from the pricing section in our handy and FREE re-roofing booklet:

The price of a new roof is dependent on two major things: material and labor.

  • The price of the material will be determined by the type of material, the size and complexity of the roof, along with delivery and logistical concerns. 
  • The cost of the labor to install a new roof can be calculated by knowing the size of the roof, the slope (or pitch), the type of material to be installed, the preparation required, the details of the roof, the height above the ground, and the type of access that is available.  

Prices for material and labor within the industry are regularly quoted in terms of squares (one square equals one hundred square feet). So, if your home will use 2,572 square feet of material to complete its new roof, the typical roofer will say that is a “26 square roof.” 

When doing an investigation of roof prices, don’t make the mistake that so many outsiders make of multiplying the size of the home by the average installed price of a given material from Home Depot and concluding, “My home is 1,800 square feet, that’s 18 square, right? The contractor says he can install those tiles for $400 a square, so 18 times 400 is $7,200– that’s not bad for a new roof!”

Other considerations that will add to the price tag:

  • Attached garages and other structures can add considerably to the area
  • Overhangs around the perimeter
  • The roof slope, which increases surface area 
  • A percentage of the material that will be cut off for valleys, dormer, hips, and other details. 
  • Underlayment and accessories like drip edges, valley flashings, hip and ridge pieces, nails or screws, penetrations, caulking or sealant, touch up paint, delivery, sales tax, etc.

The pricing section elaborates with typical prices for various types of roofing materials, plus a formula you can plug those prices into - and that gives you a pretty fair estimate of what you'll spending on that new roof.

If you're serious about a new roof and you want real numbers, call or click today. We offer free estimates, and we can provide a general ballpark figure right over the phone.

If you're still researching your options, do yourself a favor and download our FREE re-roofing booklet. It's full of valuable information about the most popular types of roofing - not just metal - with great comparisons, charts, diagrams, an installer checklist and more.

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