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Metal Roof Prices - What can you Realistically Expect to Pay?

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It's the bottom line on any purchase, and a new metal roof is no exception - what's it going to cost? Pricing a new metal roof is a hot topic online these days - check out the links to various articles discussing that very subject below.

The very best way to get a price if you're considering re-roofing with metal (and thus for what will probably be the last time!) is to speak to us. We're able to offer ballpark pricing right over the phone, and we can take it a step further with a free measure.

Not ready to take the step of actually speaking to us? Download of FREE re-roofing booklet and check out the pricing formula we have for various roof materials. It'll give you a good idea of realistic numbers for your project.

Here's an article about calculating the cost of a metal roof that also compares metal to composition. Read an excerpt:

"How do metal roofing costs compare to the cost of replacing an asphalt roof every 15 – 20 years? Take into account that the cost of installing an asphalt roof doubles every 15 years. So what cost $7,000 this year will cost $14,000 in fifteen years. So the cost of the roof after only 15 years would end up being $21,000. Now compare that to the cost of a metal roof that will last a lifetime. A metal roof would cost about two and a half times the cost of asphalt, or $17,500. It’s a one time investment for the life of the house."

Another interesting read on the money topic covers prices for metal roofing and includes a comparison between metal and comp and metal and concrete. Read this little snippit:

"It’s hard to comprehend why people who have this giant investment do not use the best quality materials when they fix their roof. Metal roofing materials are a good means to have a stable roof that is going to offer protection for your investment.

In today’s economy, house owners could be tempted to choose the most affordable roofing materials on the market. However, materials such as asphalt frequently need replacing more quickly and are more liable to problems. Purchasing metal roofing materials gives home owners a better return on their investment because they last for a long time. Metal roofing materials are frequently guaranteed for a minimum of twenty five years."

Our bottom line on the bottom line? Do your homework and research your material options, get a few bids over the phone, then take it one step further by having someone do a measure on your roof. There should be no obligation to buy just because you've had a measure done, and you'll have a realistic idea of just what that new metal roof will cost.

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