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Researching a New Metal Roof

coated steel shakes

coated steel shakes

So you realized a few months ago it was time for a new roof and like any good consumer, you began researching your options. Considering the expense and the scope of most re-roof projects, it just makes sense to take your time. If you're like many, you've discovered there's a virtually endless well of information and opinion out there - so how do make a final decision when it comes to finally making the big purchase?

In a nutshell: buy the best roof you can afford. And then find an installer you trust, with good references, to get the job done right.

It's easy to find people who claim to be experts in a field, and roofing is no exception. That means it's easy to find lots of opinions on what you should and shouldn't do. And the downside to speaking to a huge number of people for the average re-roof project is that you can get such a diversity of opinion, more confusion than clarification emerges. But keep this in mind - it's especially true that some of the worst roofers are among the loudest, and some of the best are the least vocal. It's a funny trade because being a good roofer has little or nothing to do with being a good promoter. Very often the latter can substitute for the former when it comes to getting business, and the poor client never makes the discovery until long after they've spent their money and exhausted their recourse.

So what's a re-roof consumer to do? Invariably, it's the details that make the difference between a good roof installation and a bad one. Specifying and installing the right details the right way is the absolute best way of assuring the fewest possible problems down the road. A good roof material installed by an experienced roofer (who isn't rushed) with the right detail execution is the best possible choice. Unfortunately, a lot of roofers skimp on the details to bring down their price and "get the job" and while the initial appearance is as expected, nature finds the weaknesses in a poor job rather quickly. Every time.

For any re-roof job, find someone you trust, take his advice, and then get out of his way and let him execute the project the way he wants so he can stand behind it and you can have the confidence of knowing you have an expert in your corner. And by all means, do your homework beforehand - our free 50-page re-roofing booklet is a great starting point.

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