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Proof that Metal Roofs Keep Going and Going and Going

Longevity. t's one of the benefits - and selling points - of metal roofing. And the proof of that is in the metal roofs that you can find around town. These are coated steel roofs that look as good today as they did the day they were installed - five, ten, twenty years ago and even longer! Here's a little video of a coated steel tile roof more than a decade after installation - and it looks fantastic. No maintenance issues, no problems with the intense sun exposure here in northern Nevada, no issues from our freeze-thaw cycles or high winds. Just a great-looking roof that has done its job from the start and will continue to do so for the indefinite future. Kudos to these homeowners for making such a smart buying decision so long ago!

Considering a new roof? Investigate your options wisely - do your homework first! We've got a bunch of free downloads that will help you narrow things down. Check out our Resources page for Metal vs Shingle and Metal vs Concrete comparison sheets, and our handy re-roofing guide - about 50 pages' worth of info, pictures, diagrams and charts comparing the most popular re-roofing materials (not just metal), which makes it a must-read for anyone about to re-roof.

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