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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Metal Roofing

We know what a hot topic metal roofing is (wink, wink), so we thought an overview might come in handy to anyone considering a new roof.

copper shingles | Metal Roof NetworkVariety

With more colors, more textures, more materials, more profiles and more finishes, metal roofing comes in more choices than any other roofing material. Why does this matter? It means that the chances of a beautiful metal roof enhancing the architecture of any given building - while simultaneously increasing its value and performing for the life of the structure - is quite high. And having choices is always a good thing, right?

Lifespan, Performance & Durability

Billed as the most common type of metal roofing, steel roofs (available in everything from coated to finished to bare) will likely last as long on the building on which they're installed. And they'll look great doing it! Steel roofs (and other metal roof options too, like copper and more exotic metals) also out-perform other roofs when it comes to extremes of weather, so damage from unrelenting sun exposure (which is guarateed to degrade petroleum-based products like asphalt composition shingles), high winds (which routinely blow off even heavy concrete-based roofing), and rain and snow are extremely unlikely. Remember that - rain, snow, wind and even fire won't hurt your durable steel roof - and enjoy an incomparable peace of mind next time a storm is howling outside!

coated steel shakes | Metal Roof NetworkWeight

Weight is a big consideration when it comes to a re-roof. If you want to avoid consulting - and paying - a structural engineer during your re-roof, you'll need to choose the same material or one of equal or less weight. In addition to its lifespan and performance, metal roofing is incredibly lightweight - up to 10 times lighter than traditional roofing materials like comp and concrete. In some cases, you can have your new metal roof installed over your existing roof, which reduces the cost and environmental impact of tearing off the old stuff. Bonus!


Yes, your metal roof will cost more upfront. But over the life of your roof, you'll actually save money because you'll be breaking the disposable roof cycle. Take comp shingles, for example. Prices for comp typically double in a decade, so if it costs $3,000 to do it today, you'll be spending $6,000 when you're forced to re-roof in another 10-15 years. Now you're looking at $9,000, plus the pleasure of re-roofing twice, for a cheap, not particularly attractive, seriously un-ecofriendly roof material. Makes you think twice, hmm?

Qualifing metal roofs also get you tax rebates, and they can help you reduce energy loads too. Plus, some metal roofs qualify for insurance discounts in certain parts of the country.

finished steel panels | Metal Roof NetworkEco Factor

Most metal roofs are made of recycled materials, and they can be recycled themselves. They're available in energy-efficient finishes, reducing the energy loads on your air conditioners and heaters. They last longer and they reduce our dependency on foreign oil production too. The take-away from all of this? If eco-friendliness is a concern in your choice of roofing material, metal should be at the top of your list.

Want to know more? Get our free 50-page booklet - a must-read for anyone tackling a re-roofing project. And check out our Resources page for more freebies - things like comparison sheets between metal and comp or metal and concrete. Or give us a call and let us help. We can answer your questions, throw a few ballpark numbers your way, whatever you need.

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