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Your Roof - Repair It or Replace It?

Q: How can I tell whether I need to replace my existing roof or if I can get by with repairs? And is there any way to assess this without actually climbing up on my roof?

bad shinglesA. This is a great question. After all, if you can avoid the expense of a new roof with just a few repairs, you're doing your wallet and probably the environment a great service. Let's review a little about the function of any roof, then we'll dive into our answer. Your roof serves two primary purposes - it's the primary weatherproofing barrier for the entire top of your home, and it's a major architectural element of your home’s appearance. As a rule for northern Nevada, our home base, asphalt and wood roofs have a typical service life ranging from as little as seven or eight years up to 20 years or so.

Yes, you can review your roof from the ground to make your initial assessment. To make a cursory inspection from the ground, look for loose or missing shingles, and also look to see if any flashings against walls or chimneys appear loose or out of place. If everything looks “tight” and there are no concerns of a leak, then you’re likely in shape for another season at least. But if you see anything askew or your roof seems to be “showing its age,” then it makes sense to have a professional make a roof-top inspection and see if repair or replacement is necessary.

Most roofing companies - metal or otherwise - will do an inspection free of charge. If it seems like a new roof is in order, and you'd like to do this whole re-roof thing just once, download our free re-roofing booklet and investigate metal. You'll find answers to all of your roofing questions, an installer checklist, comparison charts for the most popular roofing materials, plenty of picture and even a formula to help you ballpark new roof costs. It's definitely worth your time.

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