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A Round Roof with Natural Steel

One of my all-time favorite natural steel roofing projects was on a round roof a couple years ago. Creating this one of Corten was a source of great satisfaction for all involved, and the client was delighted with the final look as it matched his vision exactly. 

Random Shake Corten Patina 1Rustic & Durable

The homeowner wanted something rustic but unique, something that would stand up to wind and weather and blend into its natural setting. So we made a very custom profile and formed it from Corten - a specialized alloy of steel that incorporates a little copper into the base carbon steel to help it create a more tightly-adhered layer of rust. It makes for a much longer-lasting metal that forms a protective layer of rust that is both beautiful and durable.

Custom Steel Random Shake Mock Up 1

From Concept to Final

Seeing the samples we made to prove the concept and the final result are always interesting, because the very shiny new metal doesn’t stay that way very long! However, the result of the rust layer transforms the shiny steel into something that looks like no other material. I love the finished product and hope to do another one very soon.

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