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Why the Average Roofer Isn't a Fan of Metal Roofing

Someone wrote to us recently to share his observation that in his part of California, there are quite a few metal roofs (a fire precaution), but few installers willing to do the work. He's right. Here's why the average roofer isn't a fan of metal roofing.

metal-roof-network-copper-shinglesThink Like a Roofer

For all their benefits, metal roofs are not a favorite of many roofers and roof contractors. In order to understand why, you have to think like a roofer (or like the owner of a roofing company), and consider the realities of their business.

Installer Availability

The availability of skilled installers is a big motivating factor for the average roofer's opinions on metal. It's created by current market conditions, and it makes sense if you stop to think about it. The number of roof installers who can install an asphalt shingle roof is many, many times that of the number who can install metal. And in the absence of qualified installers of metal roofing, a contractor would just not want to contract for a metal roof installation. Ask them what they think of metal, and I guarantee their opinion will be negative. But can you blame them?

Project Turnaround

Aside from the availability of installers, there’s the issue of time. Metal roofs take more time to install than most other options. And that's a big drawback if you're looking at it from the perspective of a roof contractor who has a choice between assigning a crew to a metal roof job that might take two weeks to complete, versus three composition jobs that could be done in the same time period. Sure, he might make more money on the one metal job compared to one asphalt job, but it probably won't be three times as much. Plus, since our roofer might not order and install metal regularly, his supply chain challenges likely increase if he takes on the metal job. And that means the chances of a delay or a problem could be higher than the “easy” composition jobs. Why try something more challenging? Given the choice as a roof contractor, I’d probably do the asphalt jobs as well.

Despite many superior features of metal roofing (more styles and shapes; much lighter weight; superior longevity; superior eco-friendliness; superior wind-resistance), there are an awful lot of roof contractors who are just not cheerleaders.

If you want the best roof you can buy, metal roofing is the best choice. But be prepared to search for a metal roof specialist who has already encountered and overcome the challenges this better type of roof poses to the trade. Contact Metal Roof Network, and we may be able to make a recommendation for someone in your area.