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What's the Best Metal for Diamond Shaped Roofing?

H-25 Old Barn Tin 2 WatermarkI was asked this question the other day and it made me think of how obvious and conditional the answer would be - but at the same time how mysterious it must be to someone outside the industry. Here's an example of a possible exchange.

A Conversation about Metal & Diamond Roofing

IMG_3544Someone in the industry (“SITI”):  “You can have diamond shaped roofing in any metal you want! Aluminum, copper, steel, zinc, etc., are all metals that come in sheet and are readily formed into roofing shapes like our diamonds. Easy answer!”

Someone not familiar with our industry (“SNFOI"): “But how would you know what to choose with so many options?”

SITI:  "It’s about your budget, your color scheme, your architectural theme, and the site conditions. If you want the least expensive, you want a consistent color, and you aren’t coastal, then a finished steel diamond would be the best choice. If your budget is generous, you want a metal that will patina and change color and appearance over time. If you live in a coastal environment that might rust steel quickly, then choose a copper roofing diamond profile.”

SNFOI:  "That’s a lot to consider - how would a layman know where to find all the answer?”

SITI:  "You have to make sure that you source your metal diamond roof from someone who understands the characteristics, prices, and suitability of all the available metals, with demonstrated experience in roofing specification and practice. Let’s just say that the local lumber yard might not be your best choice for advice and direction. Instead, go straight to the manufacturer or distributor of the metal diamonds that catch your eye and let them direct you toward the best version for your particular application."

MRN-Natural-Steel-Diamonds-Hi-Res-2Need an Expert?

If you're interested in learning more about metal roofing and diamond shaped roofing in particular, we're happy to help. Contact us today with questions, and let's make you an informed consumer - even if you're not in the industry.

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