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What Will a New Copper Roof Cost?

copper-shake11_b.jpgWhen people ask about our beautiful copper roofing, the first question is usually related to price. We have copper roofing in an assortment of beautiful profiles, and it makes sense that people want to know about cost, just for an idea. If you're in the market for a new roof, you may be wondering yourself - what will a new copper roof cost? Just like shopping for a car, there's no single answer. The final cost of a new copper roof will depend on things like the profile, installation costs, gauge, even the time of year.

The Roofing Material

Copper roofs aren't for everyone, and price is a big part of it. A copper roof will usually cost two to three times as much as more basic metal roofing systems. The material alone usually starts around $8 or $9 a square foot and can go up to $15 a square foot for heavier and/or pre-patinated options.

The Installation

Once you've finalized a material package, you need to focus on the installation side. Labor to install a new copper roof is usually costlier than regular metal roofing, because details and roofing accessories are of the highest order. Expectations of the installer are likewise high, and it usually takes a little more time to make sure they're installed correctly. More time means more money.

What about Getting Material on Sale?

It's not unheard of for manufacturers with material overages 0 run seasonal sales or flash sales. If you're ready to buy and the timing is right, you may get a really great deal on a material package for that new copper roof.

So is a Copper Roof Worth It?

Copper roofs aren't the most expensive metal roof on the market, but they're close. Still, there's so much more to a copper roof than aesthetics. Copper is a very eco-friendly roof material - it's made of a significant amount of recycled material and it's fully recyclable when the house beneath the copper roof material needs replacing!). It will also last for many generations. Copper is incombustible, lightweight and famous for its distinction and beauty. The most important thing may be in its value. It's a beautiful upgrade to any home or building.

Want to learn more about our copper roofing materials? We're proud to supply solid copper in tiles, shakes & shingles, panels and diamond shingles. And if you're after that aged look right off the bat, we have patina accelerating packages too. Call or click today, and tell us all about your roofing project.