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Rustic Roofing - Diamond Tiles in Natural Steel

This client was building a rustic log home in the foothills and wanted   a roofing system that would combine a natural finish with an unusual “old school” design to suit his custom residence. Sounds like a tall order - our favorite!
After going through the many options we offer, he settled on a combination of our MRN H-25 diamonds in our “Old Barn Tin” galvanized finish for the main part of the roof, with corrugated “Natural Steel” (AKA rusty) panels for the porch cover.
While he was pricing various metal roofs, it turned out that our unique metal roof diamonds were only a small premium over traditional standing seam panels, but offered a much more distinctive and out-of-the-ordinary appearance. We also customized the details, including a barrel-style ridge cap - not something that most metal roof manufacturers offer in their catalogs - but it goes so well with our metal diamond roof system that a lot of customers choose this upgrade.
As you can see, the result is a a truly successful metal roof project that will last many, many decades in the relatively arid mountain setting and will only look better with age!

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