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Prices and Styles of Metal Diamond Roof Shingles and Tiles

MRN_S16_Diamond_Roof_Shingles_in_Finished_Steel_4.jpgDiamond shaped roofing is one of Metal Roof Network's signature product lines, and we make a few different types. We make our diamond roofing from steel, aluminum, copper and zinc in different profiles (or shapes) to suit the architectural and technical requirements of our customer's application.

Since I'm used to seeing them every day, I often forget that most people aren't accustomed to seeing metal diamonds used as a roofing material here in North America. Actually, diamond shaped roof shingles are a classic design - the shape has been made from not only metal, but also slate, asbestos and other materials for decades.

Our diamond shingles are available with a big range of details, such as the ridge, hip, drip and gable edges. We have a number of standard designs for these parts, but we love to customize for our customers' projects, and so there are all kinds of possibilities to make any job distinctive (as these photos show).

MRN_S-10_Natural_Steel_Progress_1.jpgI'm asked regularly if the diamonds are individual pieces, or if they are supplied as sheets. Our diamonds are individual, and all of our designs interlock on all four sides and hide fasteners.

Prices for our metal roof diamonds aren't too different from other profiles of metal roofs - somewhere between $2 and $5 per square foot for many of our steel and aluminum versions. Copper and zinc prices are considerably more, but certainly competitive to what you would pay for the same metal formed into more common roof shapes.

MRN_H-18_Pre-Aged_Copper_11.jpgMetal diamond roofing offers all of the benefits and advantages of metal roofing - discussed in detail in our free booklet - but in a very unusual and striking profile that will make any building stand out.

If you have a roofing project, take a look at our diamond shingle gallery. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the aesthetic, and we'd love to answer questions specific to your job.

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